A flurry of activity

Blog post Matthew Smith

This week, the Educator Effectiveness team releases A Flurry of Activity, a document that recaps recent legislation and summarizes changes to state teacher feedback and evaluation systems.

The report highlights an important trend: many SREB state legislatures have enacted policies that aim to make evaluation, professional learning and compensation strategies more seamless. 

As states move toward full implementation of their TLE systems, we expect legislators will continue to explore potential linkages between policies that improve educator effectiveness. 

“All 16 SREB states have overhauled their educator evaluation systems. Changes to teacher evaluation are encouraging legislators to scrutinize other policies related to compensation, employment status and professional learning. If states design evaluation systems that give teachers multiple ways to demonstrate growth and improve professional practice, then evaluation systems could generate positive outcomes in other areas of the profession.”— Excerpt from A Flurry of Activity