Financial Aid and College Applications

General information

Session 1: Guiding Parents and Students Through the Complexities of Financial Aid

Guiding Parents and Students Through the Complexities of Financial Aid unravels the complexities of financial aid, including terminology, and strategies to help parents and students understand the total cost of postsecondary education. The session also covers best sources of financial assistance, including grants, loans and scholarships.

Session 2: Assisting With the Financial Aid Process

Assisting with the Financial Aid Process teaches participants the process parents and students need to follow to complete the FAFSA, what information is needed, what financial aid terminology means and what types of aid can be received based on the FAFSA.

Session 3: Preparing for College Admissions Tests

Preparing for College Admissions Tests helps participants plan ways to help students prepare for college admissions tests. This session also addresses fees and waivers, test-taking strategies, practice tests, and helping parents and students understand what scores mean.

Session 4: College Admissions: Application Process

College Admissions: Application Process trains counselors to assist students in completing the application process for the postsecondary schools they are interested in.