Human Resources


Tricia Avery
Director, Human Resources

Tricia P. Avery has directed the Southern Regional Education Board’s human resources department since 2000. She works with the organization’s leadership to link human resources planning and management strategies with organizational goals. All the components of SREB’s human resources management framework are her responsibility. Tricia also serves as the acting assistant treasurer and coordinates with SREB’s accounting department on employee and contractor payments and reimbursements.


Jenn Carter
Project Manager, Human Resources

Jenn Carter joined the Southern Regional Education Board in 2003 as a graphic designer/editorial assistant in school improvement. Since 2008, she has worked in human resources; she is currently the human resources project manager. While at SREB, Jenn has served on policy committees and helped maintain SREB’s Intranet as well as process necessary paper work for employees. Prior to joining SREB, she designed jewelry and was an inventory manager at an international gold marketplace distributor.