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Florida and the Southern Regional Education Board, June 2015

Florida: Taking Stock and Pushing Forward 2014


Your guide to SREB services and data specific to Florida

Florida and the Southern Regional Education Board details the state’s participation in SREB programs and services.
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Florida Policies and Data from SREB

The following links take you to Florida-specific policies and data. Browse "SREB Programs" in the home page navigation bar for information about other states.

Board Members

Rick Scott, Governor of Florida, Tallahassee, ex officio (2019)
Nancy C. Detert, State Senator, Venice (2018)
Erik Fresen, State Representative, Miami (2016)
John Legg, State Senator, New Port Richey (2017)
Joe H. Pickens, President, St. Johns River State College, Palatka (Vice Chair of the Board) (2015)

(Appointments to the Board are made by the Governor. Terms expire June 30 of the specified year.)

Legislative Advisory Council Members

(Largest standing advisory body to the Board)

Senator Detert, Representative Fresen and Senator Legg serve on the Council by virtue of being legislative members of the Board.

State Progress
Florida: Taking Stock and Pushing Forward, 2014
Student achievement and state policies to improve it: NAEP scores, high school graduation rates, postsecondary education access and much more. Florida highlights >

Higher Ed
Florida Featured Facts from the SREB Fact Book on Higher Education

Florida Affordability Profile

Accountability, NCLB Waivers
Florida: 2013 Accountability Profile

High School to College and Careers
Policies and requirements for high school completion, college admission, scholarships and more

English Learners
Fact sheet on population trends, state and federal policies, and standards and assessments

More in These Reports, Tools

Educator Effectiveness Legislation
Click this interactive tool for data from 2014 legislative sessions

Legislative Actions
Read PDFs for legislative actions on budget and education topics, by state and date, or by topic.

SREB Data Library
Browse for state-specific data on elementary, secondary and higher education.
Find state lists of public postsecondary institutions and information on their coordination and governance.

Readiness Standards
Read detailed reports benchmarking how Florida is implementing the Mathematics Florida Standards and Language Arts Florida Standards. The reports note Florida as a strong state for teacher resources, professional development, and accountability.

State Progress Report Highlights

From Florida: Taking Stock and Pushing Forward, 2014

Student Outcomes
• Florida is one of eight states in the nation to serve more than half of its four-year-olds in state-funded pre-K, with the highest percentage of four-year-olds in state-funded pre-K programs in the region.
• Florida’s Hispanic fourth-graders narrowed achievement gaps in reading and math on NAEP at the Proficient level. Hispanic eighth-graders narrowed the gap in math at the Proficient level. Black eighth-graders narrowed gaps in reading at the Basic and Proficient levels.
• Florida’s high school graduation rate outpaced the nation and the region in growth. This increase in graduation rate extended to black, Hispanic and white high school seniors.
• In Florida, the percentage of Hispanic adults, ages 25 to 64, with an associate degree or higher topped the national and regional percentages for their peers.

Policy Highlights
• Florida requires an early reading assessment or diagnostics for students and requires academic interventions to support struggling readers in K-3, including tailored instruction for students retained in grade.
Florida requires all students in the middle grades to develop high school graduation plans and to explore careers and postsecondary options.
• Florida assesses high school juniors on college and career readiness and offers readiness courses in literacy/English and math for juniors or seniors not ready for college and careers.
• Florida has outcomes-based funding policies that apply to two- and four-year postsecondary institutions.

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