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Preparing CTE Teachers for Today's Students

Literacy Design Collaborative Brochure

Mathematics Design Collaborative Brochure

Credentials for All: An Imperative for SREB States

Executive Summary | Credentials for All: An Imperative for SREB States

Students Step Up When Teachers and Leaders Transform Classrooms

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Access to Challenging and Relevant Learning Opportunities Improves Achievement for All

High Schools That Work Goals and Key Practices Poster

Skills for a Lifetime: Teaching Students the Habits of Success

Getting Students Ready for College and Careers:Transitional Senior Mathematics

High Schools That Work: An Enhanced Design to Get All Students to Standards

Gene Bottoms
Senior Vice President

High Schools That Work is the nation's largest school improvement initiative for high school leaders and teachers.

More than 1,200 High Schools That Work (HSTW) sites in 30 states and the District of Columbia currently use the framework of HSTW Goals and Key Practices to raise student achievement and graduation rates.

Hundreds of HSTW publications, case studies, site development guides and other materials also help improve curriculum and instruction in high schools throughout the nation. In addition, HSTW's annual Staff Development Conference for nearly 8,000 educators is a focal point for year-round professional development.

HSTW is nationally recognized for its effectiveness and has led to several related school improvement initiatives. Chief among them, Making Middle Grades Work has helped make SREB states among the first in the nation to implement strategies that help students make stronger academic transitions into high school. Technology Centers That Work helps career/technology centers in SREB states improve student readiness for college and careers.

View the High Schools That Work Orientation presentation for more information about the school improvement framework.

SREB Senior Vice President Gene Bottoms
Discussing High Schools That Work

Gene Bottoms, SREB senior vice president and founder and director of HSTW recently participated in two national conversations about what it means to get more students college- and career-ready. To view these webinars, please click on the links below:

College and Career Readiness: What Does It Really Mean? Facilitated by the Alliance for Education

National Research Center for Career and Technical Education
The Career Side of College and Career Ready ? Facilitated by the National Research Center for Career and Technical Education

More Than 20 Years as a High Schools That Work Site
William Byrd High School in Vinton, Virginia, is a dynamic place for learning. Ninety percent of its students graduate on time and 83 percent go on to postsecondary study. Its leaders believe in the HSTW design. It's been the school's instructional model for 21 years. Read more.

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