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Learning-Centered Leadership Program

Annual Leadership Forum

Highly Qualified Turnaround Leaders Emerge in Florida

Florida Middle School Creates Success Academy

Progress Over a Decade in Preparing More Effective School Principals

Turnaround High School Principals: Recruit, Prepare and Empower Leaders of Change

Who’s Next? Let’s Stop Gambling on School Performance and Plan for Principal Succession

The Three Essentials: Improving Schools Requires District Vision, District and State Support, and Principal Leadership

School Leadership Change Emerging in Alabama: Results of the Governor’s Congress on School Leadership

Preparing a New Breed of Principals in Tennessee: Instructional Leadership Redesign in Action

The District Leadership Challenge: Empowering Principals to Improve Teaching and Learning

Jon Schmidt-Davis
Director, SREB Learning-Centered Leadership Program

In the last century, school principals were expected to focus primarily on management and administration. Today schools require instructional leaders who improve the learning and the achievement of everyone – students and adults – in their school.

SREB's Learning-Centered Leadership Program works with district, state and university partners to prepare aspiring principals and school leadership teams to aggressively lead improvement in curriculum, instruction and student achievement.

Registration is now open!

The Southern Regional Education Board’s 2016 Annual Leadership Forum is on May 12-13

This year’s theme is – The Principal: A Key Player in Advancing College- and Career-Readiness of Students. The full agenda will be available soon.

Register here > 

  • Develops and delivers comprehensive custom-designed training programs such as the Florida Turnaround Leaders Program (FTLP). These proven training programs can prepare aspiring school leaders, improve the skills of current school leaders, or both.
  • Offers a suite of face-to-face leadership modules and workshops that meet professional learning needs of districts and states.
  • Conducts research on the preparation and development of school principals, and on the role of school leaders in improving school outcomes and student achievement.
  • Provides ongoing state guidance and technical assistance in leadership redesign and keeps policy-makers aware of key issues for change through annual forums and publications.

SREB Senior Vice President Gene Bottoms
explains the SREB Learning-Centered Leadership Program

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