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Jon Schmidt-Davis
Director, SREB Learning-Centered Leadership Program

Benchmark Reports

Progress Over a Decade in Preparing More Effective School Principals

Schools Need Good Leaders Now: State Progress in Creating a Learning-Centered School Leadership System


Turnaround High School Principals: Recruit, Prepare and Empower Leaders of Change

Who’s Next? Let’s Stop Gambling on School Performance and Plan for Principal Succession

The Three Essentials: Improving Schools Requires District Vision, District and State Support, and Principal Leadership

The District Leadership Challenge: Empowering Principals to Improve Teaching and Learning

Schools Can't Wait: Accelerating the Redesign of University Principal Preparation Programs

Good Principals Aren't Born — They're Mentored: Are We Investing Enough to Get the School Leaders We Need?

The Principal Internship: How Can We Get It Right?
A District-driven Principal Preparation Program Design The Providence School Department and the University of Rhode Island Partnership

Program Evaluation

Preparing a New Breed of Principals in Tennessee: Instructional Leadership Redesign in Action

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SREB Learning-Centered Leadership Program: Developing and Assisting Effective, Learning-Centered Principals Who Can Improve Schools and Increase Student Achievement

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