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State Progress Reports

What progress has your state made on the SREB Challenge to Lead Goals for Education?

Taking Stock and Pushing Forward (2014) reports states’ progress toward the Challenge to Lead 2020 Goals for Education. State-specific documents report on student achievement as well as essential state policies to improve it. Among the many metrics: how states are improving achievement on NAEP, high school graduation rates, and access to postsecondary education for black and Hispanic students.

These 2014 reports, customized for each state, provide information and data about SREB states' progress on meeting each of the 12 Challenge to Lead education goals. The Adobe Acrobat PDF files include “book page” views of graphics and text in color and also allow for printing. 

How different states calculated high school graduation rates >

Alabama PDF Slides
Arkansas PDF Slides
Delaware PDF Slides
Florida PDF Slides
Georgia PDF Slides
Kentucky PDF Slides
Louisiana PDF Slides
Maryland PDF Slides
Mississippi PDF Slides
North Carolina PDF Slides
Oklahoma PDF Slides
South Carolina PDF Slides
Tennessee PDF Slides
Texas PDF Slides
Virginia PDF Slides
West Virginia PDF Slides

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