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Readiness Courses Training

Readiness Courses Training

Megan Root
Manager, Readiness Courses and Policy, School Improvement

SREB Readiness Courses Training at the Summer Conference

July 13-17, 2015
Hyatt Regency
Atlanta, Georgia

An institute on teacher development for the SREB Readiness Courses. Powerful, free courses to teach students the skills they need to learn and think independently after high school, as they transition to college and careers.

Which students?
SREB Readiness Courses are designed for high school students who, by their junior year, score slightly below the college readiness level on state or national tests.

Which teachers?
The courses are designed for highly effective teachers, with some experience teaching the target group of students, who are open to new teaching styles and delivery models.

Which standards and tools?
The courses are grounded in the Common Core College and Career Readiness anchor standards in literacy and math, utilizing hybrid in-class and online approaches including Literacy Design Collaborative (LDC) and Math Design Collaborative (MDC) strategies to help students reach deeper learning.

How to attend?
SREB is offering this Training for teachers and principals who commit to these conditions upon registration.
Conditions: Click here to open and close list >

1) Offer Literacy Ready or Math Ready in the 2015-16 school year, either as a year-long course or a semester course on a block schedule.

2) Commit the schools highly effective teachers to teach the courses, preferably teachers who have experience with teaching to college-readiness levels.

3) Guarantee participation of principal in assisting teachers and helping evaluate each courses effectiveness.

4) Participate in follow-up training throughout the year on SREB's iTunes U training courses and/or in-person.

5) Submit electronically teacher lesson surveys, student surveys, classroom and testing data void of student identifiers only for an evaluation study of the success of the course.

More information will be posted soon. To find out more about the Readiness Courses, please visit our main page:

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