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Submit a Handout

To submit a handout, click “Submit Handouts” and login. Select “Review” for the session you wish to add a handout to, then select “Submit Handouts” in the Abstract section. Browse for the file you need and then click “Add.”

Presenter Registration & Check In

  • We will begin accepting proposals to present this fall — the exact date has not yet been determined.
  • Please note that all presenters must register for the conference and pay the registration fee.
  • All accepted presenters are required to attend an Orientation Webinar before the conference — an invitation will be included in the acceptance email.

Presentation Rooms

  • All presentation rooms will have Wi-Fi, data projectors and screens.
  • Rooms are set up as Theater or Rounds. Theater means the room is set up with rows of chairs facing the presenter. Rounds means the room is set up with tables; each table is able to hold up to ten people.
  • Presenters are expected to bring their own laptops, speakers and any other extra equipment they require (microphones are provided if the room is very large).
  • If you need Audio/Visual equipment onsite, contact OnStage at (800) 967-2419 to rent their equipment. OnStage personnel will be at the conference to assist presenters with setting up rooms and handle any technical issues that arise.

Presenter Etiquette and Best Practices

  • Provide strategies that attendees can implement as soon as they return to their schools and districts.
  • Make sure your attendees are engaged! Like students, adult learners aren’t satisfied with 60- or 120-minute lectures.
  • Respect participants time. Don’t spend overly long introducing yourself or your school, but don’t end too early either. Attendees have plenty of time (15 minutes) to move between sessions.


If you have not yet booked a hotel room, please contact Connections Housing at (404) 842-0000 or (800) 262-9974. For more information, go to:

Session Types

Deep-Dive Sessions
These in-depth, two-hour sessions prepare teachers and leaders to implement and support SREB’s literacy and math strategies as soon as they return to their schools and districts.

60- and 75-Minute Sessions
In these sessions, literacy and math trainers, teachers, and school leaders share innovative practices and strategies for achieving student success. Sessions are designed for novice to veteran teachers, instructional coaches, and school and district leaders.

Sharing Sessions
These 25-minute, back-to-back mini-sessions present effective practices and may be condensed versions of 60- and 75-minute sessions. 

Contact Us 

For questions regarding proposals, email