Readiness Courses: A Brief History


SREB has been working for two decades on implementing high school courses to help students transition into postsecondary study. This effort expands on work initiated in 2008 with support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation — the SREB multi-year project called Strengthening Statewide College/Career Readiness Initiatives.

With a grant from the Gates Foundation, SREB formed a team of states to build Ready for College Courses, Literacy Ready and Math Ready. Currently SREB is working with expert teacher and state leaders to develop Ready for High School Courses, Ready for High School Literacy and Ready for High School Math. In addition to offering Readiness Courses, SREB works with states on policy issues relating to readiness.

SREB is working to implement the Readiness Courses around the nation. States or schools interested in implementing Readiness Courses should contact John Squires, director of high school to college readiness, to arrange training.