Publishing Guidelines


Publishing Guidelines
Help Keep a User-Friendly Site

Follow these to keep a consistent experience

Consistency is what powers a brand. It assures that expectations are met.

So the more consistent we are in how we post and manage content on, the better the experience will be for the thousands of people who visit the site every month.

By taking a few minutes to review this guide – and consulting it when you create or update pages – you’ll help ensure that we meet the expectations of our visitors, again and again.

  1. As with all SREB communications, adheres to Associated Press (AP) style and SREB editorial style (See: [ link here ] )
  2. While has design templates, it helps to keep in mind our visual brand guidelines. You can find them here: [ link here ]

It’s our first impression … and a place to spotlight content that has wide appeal or urgency.

The first thing visitors see is a series of message graphics in what’s known as the “carousel.” These messages are central to the SREB brand, so they will rarely change.

A few slides cycle through the carousel. Their messages are essential to SREB's brand.

The “What’s New” box ensures that the Home page always has timely content. The Critical Issues area should be updated at least every three months; the Events and News areas more frequently, as necessitated by timeliness.

'What's New' is high up on the Home page for good reason.


The “Focus” series allows us to emphasize new studies, reports or other information of broad interest. Teaser copy should be no longer than 85 words; image size is set to auto-size 8.5 x 11 document covers, though horizontal images are OK too. (Graphic area for images: 407 pixels wide)

Keep the teaser for 'Focus' to under 85 words (remember: we're just trying to tease the visitor).