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Start with Why [edit this]

When designing the homepage, we wanted it to tell a story, and we began that story with our “why.” Starting off with this big picture helps people really connect to our organization.

In addition, we want to maintain the beauty of the site by designating curated imagery to this space. Adding other content could really affect the look and feel of the site. Design-wise keeping just beautiful photos and simple statements up there is important.

the discovery process … the carousel should be used to promote the overall “whys” of SREB. On your previous site, you promoted specific programs or events, but your visitors didn’t have that broader understanding of what SREB did as a whole organization. We talked a lot about how SREB departments had become siloed, but you wanted to portray cohesiveness through the website and the carousel images. I remember when we were first learning about SREB and as I was going through the content that I was amazed by how much your organization did, not just through specific programs, but the amount of change you influenced, which wasn’t necessarily depicted on your old site. The carousel is meant to portray why SREB exists as a whole instead of going back to identifying specific programs or events. If a specific program doesn’t apply to a site visitor, but is highlighted on the carousel, they may not look further into other programs or tools that SREB has to offer. I’ll check with the rest of the team and Maria to see what I may be missing and get back to you!