Programs & Services page content

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Include these elements

Title: Name of the Program (always)

Overview: This is your introductory content. Be sure it communicates, quickly and compellingly, the why: what need does the program serve? Be sure to relate here who it serves and a quick statement of how, or what it does.

Limit this introduction to one or two paragraphs.

The longer you make your Overview content, the farther down the page you push other posts you want people to see. People will be more likely to read more when you organize content into smaller pages or posts and let them decide what to click next. 

Contact pod: Contact information is prominent on the main landing page for the program.

Photo or image: Use an image that shows what we do or who we work with. Featuring the target audience is a good option: People are more likely to engage with a page when they see themselves reflected on it.

More Content Guidelines

Results: Communicate results from the service, or success story examples. You might introduce these on the program landing page or on subpages to the program.

Related: The program landing page may also link to related content: publications and events, for example.

These should be clearly secondary in the visual hierarchy, not primary.

Blog: Do not tag blog posts to Programs & Services pages. Instead, relate them by:

  • Creating a Pod
  • Writing a Featured post
  • Linking to a specific topic on the Blog page
  • Tagging them to the related Topic page