Annual Meeting


Annual Meeting

About the Go Alliance Annual Meeting

The Go Alliance annual meeting connects professionals in Go Alliance member states and invited speakers from national organizations who are working in college access policy, communications outreach and support programs. These organizations include higher education agencies, K-12 agencies, state loan guarantor organizations, community-based organizations and college access programs. Social marketing, communications and community-based partnership experts lead presentations on college access topics. 

2019 Annual Meeting

Atlanta, GA | October 8-11

Renaissance Concourse Atlanta Airport

One Hartsfield Centre Parkway, Atlanta, GA 30354

Plenary Speakers

Tim Renick, Georgia State University, Opening Speaker

Mandy Savitz Romer, Harvard University, Closing Speaker

Call for Proposals

Go Alliance seeks successful proposals for presentations on recent research findings or best practices on topics related to: access to postsecondary education for underserved students; postsecondary support and success programs for underserved students; FAFSA completion programs; postsecondary counseling; or college access marketing campaigns. Suggested topics might include, for example:

  • college access outreach campaigns
  • postsecondary success programs
  • student support programs (such as College Application Week, FAFSA support, postsecondary completion support programs, etc.)
  • Proposals on better understanding and supporting particular target audiences, such as low-income students; rural students; adult learners; veterans and military connected students; Hispanic students; African American males; etc.
  • Use of social psychology or behavioral economics in college access outreach/support (such as texting campaigns and behavioral nudges)
  • Forming and sustaining successful collective impact partnerships

If your organization has developed a new or innovative program, and you are willing to discuss it, please complete a proposal. In particular, SREB seeks presentations that include data that can demonstrate a program’s effectiveness. In some cases, if proposals are similar topics, you might be asked to join a panel with other presenters, and panel members will have lead time to coordinate their presentations. You will be notified by July 26th if your presentation has been selected.