Electronic Campus


Electronic Campus and Adult Learner Websites Transition

SREB’s website for distance learning is transitioning to a database with access to programs in all 50 states. Learn more >

Meanwhile, to see a list of participating institutions in your state, visit the NC SARA website and listing of institutions.

Start — or finish — your degree online

Continuing your education can bring you more prosperity and put you and your family on the path to a better future. If you never finished the degree you need to achieve everything you want in your career, it’s not too late. Completing your degree now can significantly improve your future employment prospects and increase your lifetime earnings. 


Before you get too far down the path of searching for a degree program best suited to your needs as a military learner, take a second to see a list of SARA institutions in your state visit the NC SARA website.

Career enhancement

Where does it say that you can only have one career in a lifetime? Many successful adults are deciding to reinvent themselves in a new profession. If you’ve decided that you want to prepare for your next career, online learning has a lot to offer. 

Now that you’ve decided to start or complete your degree online, here’s how to get started:  visit NC-SARA tor a list of institutions in your state.