Emeritus Staff


Dave Spence
President Emeritus

David S. Spence is president emeritus of the Southern Regional Education Board, where he consults on education policy with governors, state legislators, state K-12 and higher education chiefs and other leaders. He oversees many initiatives designed to help the organization’s 16 member states lead the nation in educational progress, including the nation’s largest school improvement network.


Gene Bottoms
School Improvement Leader Emeritus

Gene Bottoms retired in April 2018 after a 61-year career working to improve education for all students. He joined the Southern Regional Education Board in 1987 as director of the High Schools That Work initiative, bringing more than 40 years of experience working on issues of education policy and practice in the public sector. In 1997, he became senior vice president of SREB, and his leadership responsibilities expanded to high schools, middle grades, technology centers and preparing principals to become leaders of curriculum and instruction.