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Publication April 201136 pages(11V11)

Five Years of Enhanced HSTW in Texas
Raising Achievement and Preparing Students for College and Careers Through Dedicated Implementation of the Key Practices

This report describes the results of a partnership between SREB and the Texas Education Agency to enhance implementation of  the HSTW improvement design in the state. Between 2005 and 2010, nearly 50 high schools in five cohorts joined the Texas Enhanced Network to adopt this intensive improvement design. 


Publication April 2011 | 12 pages | (11E02)Matthew Lenard

Strengthening Attend n’ Drive Laws
To Reduce Truancy and Dropouts

The majority of states nationwide and all 16 SREB states link eligibility for a driver’s license to school attendance (and in some cases to academic performance). This policy brief compares attend ‘n’ drive laws across SREB states, takes a look at their effectiveness, and offers recommendations for states.