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Informatics is the process of taking raw data and converting it into new knowledge that can be applied to any field while considering its impact on individuals, organizations and society. The webinar will explore this new Informatics curriculum with examples that illustrate how students apply software systems such as Excel, Access and other industry software to acquire, collect, store and communicate data in a meaningful way to clients; manage projects; work in teams; think critically; solve problems and propose solutions to design problems.


Integrated Production Technologies (formerly Advanced Manufacturing)

The Integrated Production Technologies (IPT) curriculum engages students in using innovative industry-driven technologies to imagine and design new and improved products using automated computer-aided design and manufacturing programs. The webinar will explore this new IPT curriculum with examples of projects that help students understand the product life cycle as they create designs for use in the manufacturing process as well as evidential resource recover.


Global Logistics

The Global Logistics & Supply Chain Management (GLSCM) curriculum enables students to practice innovative and critical thinking skills as they develop solutions to authentic logistics problems. The webinar will explore this new GLSCM curriculum with examples of projects that help students understand the roles of logistics and supply chain management in moving goods and services in a global economy.


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