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The Critical Infrastructure of Early Learning
Birth to Books

Craig Ramey of Virginia Tech shared research about early childhood brain development and the return on investing in high-quality programs

What happens in a child’s first three years of life has deep and long-lasting implications for success in school and life. Studies show that how many words children are exposed to by age 3, their mothers’ education level, and the stress of poverty are huge factors in whether or not they are ready for kindergarten at age 5. 


Academic Common Market: Out-of-State Degrees, In-State Rates
College Access Across State Lines, Tuition Savings

Atlanta, GA — Now is the time when parents and students are starting to shop for colleges for fall enrollment. For residents of any Southern Regional Education Board member state, SREB’s Academic Common Market enables them to pursue out-of-state college degrees at in-state tuition rates, through agreements among the states, colleges and universities. ACM makes available more than 1,900 undergraduate and graduate degree programs.


Path to College: A Year of College Access Events for High School Students

Kate Derrick, Troy Grant and Mary Laphen, Tennessee Higher Education Commission

The Tennessee Higher Education Commission created a comprehensive, annual series of Path to College events to meet the needs of high school students: College Planning Nights, College App Week, College Goal Tennessee and College Signing Day.


MoveED for Goal 2025

Rosa Zamora and Alayna Herr, MoveED

This webinar provided an overview of, a new website sponsored by Lumina Foundation. MoveED brings together organizations committed to helping low-income students, students of color, first-generation students and adult learners attain a postsecondary credential.


Designing a College Access Website for the Mobile Age

Desiree Colonna, CEO, Bella Web Design

In this webinar, led by the CEO of the award-winning Bella Web Design, attendees learned how to get your college access site designed cleanly and optimized for a mobile world. Content covered how to design websites for a seamless mobile experience and how that design affects your visibility in Siri and Google searches, including: