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Publication November 2015214 pages(15E02)Susan LounsburyLisa Cowan

2015 SREB Fact Book on Higher Education

The SREB Fact Book on Higher Education includes data on the population and economy, enrollment, degrees, student tuition and financial aid, faculty and administrators, revenue and expenditures. With more than 100 tables of detailed information, the Fact Book is one of the nation’s most respected and most comprehensive collections of comparative data on higher education.

2015 SREB Fact Book on Higher Education

Publication November 2015 | (15E08) (15E09)

Early Childhood Education
State Policy Recommendations

The report of the SREB Early Childhood Commission

Building a Strong Foundation: State Policy for Early Childhood Education

The Commission calls for states to raise the quality of early education programs and ensure they are well-coordinated across different agencies and budgets. 

The recommendations cover wider access and accountability for results. The report also sheds light on the need for a statewide policy framework to bring together public and private funding currently spread across agencies and budgets.


Blending MDC Strategies with Project-Based Learning in the Algebra Classroom

Adriane Duke

Adriane Duke is an Algebra 1 teacher at Annie Camp Junior High School. She first learned about the Mathematics Design Collaborative (MDC) during an initial training, led by SREB math consultant Amanda Merritt, in May 2014. Duke’s school had previously trained on project-based learning (PBL) through the Buck Institute. Duke was excited about both initiatives and felt the two complemented each other, so she worked to incorporate them into her lesson plans. PBL and MDC became a major part of her classroom culture.

Publication November 201516 pages(15S08)

2015 Legislative Briefing

2015 Legislative Briefing

Topics include: state and education budgets; state taxes and revenues; tuition and fees; student financial assistance; charter schools, choice and other opportunities; students with special needs; help for low-performing schools; student health and safety; standards and assessments; prekindergarten and early childhood; governance and authority; compensation and benefits; educator effectiveness, preparation and licensure; student data and privacy; and more.