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Gene Bottoms
School Improvement Leader Emeritus

Gene Bottoms retired in April 2018 after a 61-year career working to improve education for all students. He joined the Southern Regional Education Board in 1987 as director of the High Schools That Work initiative, bringing more than 40 years of experience working on issues of education policy and practice in the public sector. In 1997, he became senior vice president of SREB, and his leadership responsibilities expanded to high schools, middle grades, technology centers and preparing principals to become leaders of curriculum and instruction.


Dave Spence
President Emeritus

David S. Spence is president emeritus of the Southern Regional Education Board. He served as president of SREB from 2005 to 2018.

He led one of the nation’s foremost efforts to work with states in establishing statewide college readiness policies and led several special initiatives aimed at increasing the percentage of state populations with a postsecondary certificate or degree. 

Publication 201215 pages(12E01)

Redesigning Dual Enrollment to Promote College Completion

This SREB policy brief documents dual enrollment policies in SREB states and offers key policy considerations for redesigning these policies to aid states’ college completion initiatives. It defines dual enrollment, discusses how participation benefits students and reviews the current structure of these programs in SREB states, including key issues about structure that state leaders need to understand. The report also offers recommendations to state leaders to address possible issues with dual enrollment policies.


Publication May 20137 pages

Dual Enrollment Courses and Credits
Essential Elements of State Policy for College Completion

More public high school students are turning to dual enrollment programs for a head start in college and careers. This paper — one in SREB’s series on the essential elements of state policy to increase college completion — highlights state actions on dual enrollment in SREB states and explores its link to college completion. Recommendations and six issues for policy-makers to consider are included.


Publication Dave SpenceNovember 20138 pages

State Policies to Support a Statewide College- and Career-Readiness Agenda
Essential Elements of State Policy for College Completion

A statewide college- and career-readiness agenda signals clearly and universally what knowledge and learning skills or readiness standards are essential for students to succeed in a substantial majority of postsecondary education programs. The standards need to be reinforced by a series of additional steps that include assessment, supplemental course work, and school accountability. SREB’s College- and Career-Readiness Action Agenda includes five essential components across the educational pipeline: 1. Adopt statewide readiness standards. 2. Assess high school juniors for readiness. 3. Offer transitional readiness courses for juniors assessed as underprepared. 4. Apply the standards in college placement. 5. Hold schools accountable.


Publication Megan RootJanuary 20138 pages

Transitional Courses for College and Career Readiness
Essential Elements of State Policy for College Completion

Offering high school courses to prepare underprepared students for success in college or career training after graduation is a key strategy to reduce remediation, increase postsecondary completion and provide greater access to making a living wage. This Essential Elements policy brief details efforts in states across the nation, outlines questions policymakers need to address, and recommends 12 essential elements for an effective statewide policy to implement transitional courses.



Summer Teacher Training Institute

AC teachers are required to attend the Summer Teacher Training Institute. STTI instructors determine whether teachers are adequately prepared to provide instruction for the 2019-20 school year.

Please bookmark and check this page for information about 2020 trainings.


2012 School Improvement Publications and Materials Catalogue

This catalogue contains hundreds of useful, fact-filled items — books, research reports, school improvement guides, case studies, brochures, professional development materials and DVDs. The materials are based on data and information from more than two decades of helping school leaders and teachers prepare students for challenging studies leading to success in postsecondary education and a career. They are available for a nominal cost, free of charge and/or on the SREB website and are easy to obtain for distribution in your state, district or school.