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Average nine-month-equivalent salaries
Average nine-month-equivalent salaries of full-time instructional faculty, by rank, state, type and institution


SREB-State Data Exchange

One of the nation’s oldest, most comprehensive sources of comparative data on public higher education

The SREB-State Data Exchange is a cooperative effort of SREB and the statewide higher education governing and coordinating boards in the South. Founded in 1969-1970, the Data Exchange annually collects, compiles and publishes the most up-to-date statistics on postsecondary education in the 16-state SREB region, including information by institutional category. 


South Carolina

Henry McMaster, Governor of South Carolina, Columbia, ex officio (2023)

Rita Allison, State Representative, Lyman (2020)

Melanie Barton, Education Policy Advisor, Office of the Governor, Columbia (2018)

Nikki G. Setzler, State Senator, West Columbia (2021)

Molly Spearman, State Superintendent, Columbia (2019)


Debra LaMothe
School Improvement Leadership Coach

Debra LaMothe is a school improvement coach for SREB, where she works with career and technical education teachers and school administrators across the country to improve college and career readiness. She brings many years of CTE education experience as a teacher, administrator and consultant. In her former role as a district CTE Supervisor, Debra supported teachers and administrators with curriculum, work-based learning, instructional technology, and postsecondary alignment and credentialing.

Debra received her doctorate from Oakland University in Michigan.

Publication Gene Bottoms 201122 pages (11E15)

A New Mission for the Middle Grades
Preparing Students for a Changing World

Report of the SREB Middle Grades Commission

The report of the SREB Middle Grades Commission issues an urgent call for states to improve achievement in the middle grades so  students are ready for success in rigorous high school courses and better prepared to graduate and proceed to college or technical training. A New Mission for the Middle Grades offers a comprehensive roadmap for change,

Publication July 9, 2016 | 7 pages | (16V18)Gene Bottoms and Kirsten Sundell

Career Pathways
Accelerating Access to the Middle Class

More and more jobs require some education past high school, yet we are not preparing enough students for college, careers or both. Career pathways from middle and high school through college and into the workplace can accelerate access to the middle class.