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Publication August 20182 pages(18V16)

Powerful Mathematics Practices
Build students' procedural and reasoning skills and deepen their understanding of math concepts

Powerful Mathematics Practices Quick Reference Guide

Teachers who take a balanced approach to mathematics instruction use formative assessment lessons to check students’ understanding of math concepts and correct misunderstandings. Teachers challenge students with complex, real-world assignments that engage students in a productive struggle and require problem solving, reasoning and mathematical modeling skills.


Member Institutions 2018-2019

Albany State University
Alcorn State University
Arkansas State University
Arkansas Tech University
Auburn University
Auburn University at Montgomery
Augusta University
Barry University
Baylor University
Charleston Southern University
Clemson University
Coastal Alabama Community College
Delta State University
East Carolina University
East Tennessee State University
Florida Atlantic University
Florida International University
George Mason University

Publication July 2018 | 8 pages

A Path and a Purpose
Gene Bottoms' Career in What Works in Schools

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After a 60-year career in education, Gene Bottoms, senior vice president of SREB, retired in April 2018. His contributions to education in the southern region and beyond are difficult to overestimate. In 31 years with SREB, Bottoms helped revamp career education in America and set in place school improvement practices that have improved the prospects of hundreds of thousands of students.