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National Research Center for Career and Technical Education

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The National Research Center for Career and Technical Education at the Southern Regional Education Board conducts research on career and technical education and brings it into classrooms. 

Publication January 20186 pages16V02 (R)

College or Career?
Why not both?

High schools are challenged like never before to prepare students better for a wide array of postsecondary options. This brochure introduces the eight STEM-based AC programs ready for your school or system to adopt.


Publication September 2019 | 20 pages

Shared-Time Technology Centers
A Study of Six State Funding Systems

Shared-Time Technology Centers: A Study of Six State Funding Systems. Special Report for the Kentucky Career and Technical Education Task Force Southern Regional Education Board. September 2019

Students need learning experiences connected with the world of work to equip them to enter the workforce and secure good jobs. This report provides an overview of funding for career and technical education and a detailed look at CTE funding models in Arkansas, Indiana, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina and West Virginia. Produced by SREB for the Kentucky Career and Technical Education Task Force, it also offers considerations for actions to improve CTE.


Publication July 9, 2016 | 7 pages | (16V18)Gene Bottoms and Kirsten Sundell

Career Pathways
Accelerating Access to the Middle Class

More and more jobs require some education past high school, yet we are not preparing enough students for college, careers or both. Career pathways from middle and high school through college and into the workplace can accelerate access to the middle class.


Nursing Career Pathways
Bringing Together Local Partners to Fill the Shortage

Nurses of all credential levels are in high demand in SREB states as the population ages and today’s nursing professionals retire. To help states address this workforce shortage, SREB worked closely with employers and educators in Georgia and Kentucky as they forged streamlined nursing career pathways in regions of the two states.

Kentucky Nursing Career Pathway
SREB worked with educators and employers to create a seamless pipeline from high school to high-demand health careers

Beginning the Bachelor of Science in Nursing in High School - Report Cover

Beginning the Bachelor of Science in Nursing in High School: How Kentucky Created a 120-Credit Hour Nursing Career Pathway describes how SREB spent a year working with a coalition of Kentucky educators and health-care employers to develop a seamless sequence of courses and credentials that help students transition from high school to community and technical college programs, the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) and employment as nursing assistants, licensed practical nurses (LPNs) and registered nurs