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Alice Anne Bailey
Program Director, Counselor Development

As director of the Southern Regional Education Board’s Go Alliance, Alice Anne Bailey helps states develop and implement policies, support programs and communications techniques to increase the number of students who would be the first in their families to attend college. She also directs the Go Alliance Academy, which provides rigorous professional development and education for in-service and pre-service school counselors and educators. At SREB, she has managed many multi-state education projects and authored numerous reports that range from middle grades to adult education.

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Go Alliance Academy

Brochure describes the Go Alliance Academy and its courses to deepen your knowledge about college and career advisement. The content, developed by experts in the field, is current and relevant. And the digital platform is state-of-the-art.



Go Alliance Academy

SREB’s Go Alliance Academy strives to increase the postsecondary success of all students by providing timely and relevant professional development to school counselors and by helping colleges of education transform the ways future counselors are trained. 


Annual Meeting
SREB Go Alliance Academy

The Go Alliance Academy annual meeting connects school counseling faculty, practicing counselors and state agency staff from across the country to share best practices and discuss ways to work together to transform school counseling in order to increase students’ postsecondary access and success.

The Annual Meeting includes:


GAA203C: Advanced Skills in Postsecondary Education and Career Advising

This module, developed for practicing professional school counselors, pre-service school counselors, and college access professionals, includes five sessions that address the skills and knowledge required to help students prepare for postsecondary education and careers. This is an advanced level course that builds knowledge and skills learned in prior Go Alliance Academy modules. Participants will learn about postsecondary learning opportunities that are a two-year degree or less and how these programs can lead to success in various career fields.


GAA202C: Advancing College & Career Readiness Through a Comprehensive School Counseling Program
Go Alliance Academy

This module includes four sessions that help school counselors analyze their current practices and redesign their school counseling programs to more effectively help students prepare for postsecondary education and careers. Participants will build knowledge and skills in several areas, including how to advocate for school counseling services; how to evaluate postsecondary education and career advising practices; how to build school-based, community-based, and postsecondary partnerships; and how to maximize counselors’ time and effectiveness. Participants will engage in constructive discussions in a learning community with their colleagues during each session and complete practical, hands-on activities while working toward a Final Action Plan throughout the course.


GAA201C: College and Career Counseling for Special-Population Students

The College and Career Counseling for Special-Population Students module was developed for practicing professional school counselors, pre-service school counselors and college access professionals. It includes six sessions that address the skills and knowledge required to help special-population students prepare for college and careers.


GAA107T: College and Career Advising for Educators: A Model for Teacher Advisors

The purpose of this module is to help teachers-as-advisors and classroom teachers understand their roles in working with school counselors and others to develop a college-going mission for all students. Additionally, the sessions help participants develop approaches for communicating and working with low-income students, those who would be first in the family to attend college, and diverse student populations in order to remove barriers to postsecondary aspirations and achievement.