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Judy Frank
Program Director, Making Middle Grades Work

Judy Frank

Judy Frank is the program director of the Making Middle Grades Work initiative. She joined SREB in 2015 as a school improvement consultant to the organization’s High Schools That Work/Making Middle Grades Work initiative, bringing more than 33 years of experience working on issues of education policy and practice in the public education sector. In her current role, she coordinates middle grade services across the organization and supports leadership and content coaches in school redesign.


Pre-Advanced Career Middle Grades STEM Curriculum

Middle grades students preform a STEM experiment.

Spark discovery with project-based STEM courses for middle grades students.

Skills in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) are essential to many of today’s jobs, but too many students lack opportunities to explore these jobs and understand the academic skills, credentials and degrees needed to secure them.


Making Middle Grades Work

Too many students leave the middle grades unprepared to succeed in rigorous high school studies and unable to take advantage of all that high school can offer. By ninth grade, many struggling students have fallen behind and are on a path to become high school dropouts.