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Postsecondary Trends Threaten Workforce Needs
Fact Book Documents Challenges to Education Attainment Goals

Undergraduate Enrollment by Race and Ethnicity, SREB Region. 2012: White 56% Black 23% Hispanic 15% All other 6%. 2017: White 52% Black 20% Hispanic 19% All other 9%.

Postsecondary attainment continues a slow climb in the South, according to the 2019 Fact Book on Higher Education.
Population and college enrollment trends are beginning to slow at a time when advancing technology and artificial intelligence are shifting the workplace to demand higher-level skills. And affordability remains a stubborn challenge to students and families and to states trying raise state education attainment levels to grow their economies.


Susan Lounsbury
Director, Education Data Services

Susan Campbell Lounsbury joined the Southern Regional Education Board in 2014 as the director of education data services. She has more than 25 years of experience in higher education policy and practice. Susan is responsible for coordinating the collection of data for the SREB State Data Exchange. She analyzes data and produces publications, such as the SREB Fact Book on Higher Education, Featured Facts, and Indicators Report.


Christiana Datubo-Brown
Research Associate, Education Data Services

Christiana Datubo-Brown serves as research associate for education data services, where she assists with analyzing data and producing publications, such as the SREB Fact Book on Higher Education, Featured Facts, and Indicators Report. She joined the Southern Regional Education Board in 2017. Prior to joining SREB, Christiana served as a statistical consultant and research assistant at Auburn University.


SREB-State Data Exchange

One of the nation’s oldest, most comprehensive sources of comparative data on public higher education

The SREB-State Data Exchange is a cooperative effort of SREB and the statewide higher education governing and coordinating boards in the South. Founded in 1969-1970, the Data Exchange annually collects, compiles and publishes the most up-to-date statistics on postsecondary education in the 16-state SREB region, including information by institutional category. 

Publication June 2019214 pages(19E04)Susan LounsburyChristiana Datubo-Brown

2019 SREB Fact Book on Higher Education

The SREB Fact Book on Higher Education includes data on the population and economy, enrollment, degrees, student tuition and financial aid, faculty and administrators, revenue and expenditures. With more than 100 tables of detailed information, the Fact Book is one of the nation’s most respected and most comprehensive collections of comparative data on higher education.

2019 SREB Fact Book on Higher Education


Institutional Categories

Since its launch in the 1969-1970 academic year, the SREB-State Data Exchange has recognized the importance of reporting statistical comparisons by institutional category — unlike most other statistical reports, even today. States have many different mixes of types of institutions, and statewide aggregate comparisons always should be interpreted cautiously. 

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Fact Book History


A Factbook on Higher Education in the South
(John K. Folger and Redding S. Sugg Jr.)

1963 Statistics for the Sixties: Higher Education in the South
(E.F. Schietinger)