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Federal Guidance on Supporting Students and Families Through the FAFSA Process

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August 27, 2019
2 to 3 pm Eastern 

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In order to prepare students and parents to complete the FAFSA form, it is critical to understand the barriers that exist, the support needed and the resources available to navigate the financial aid process. This webinar provided guidance on how to support students and parents in complicated family or financial circumstances, such as students in foster care or experiencing homelessness, or dependent students who don’t live with their legal parents. Through a review of federal updates, frequently asked questions, and FSA resources, participants received valuable information and tools to prepare for the 2020-2021 FAFSA form. 


College Access Reimagined: Leveraging virtual reality and artificial intelligence to increase match and fit

August 13, 2019
2 to 3 pm Eastern

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Recent research demonstrates higher levels of college-knowledge, and a higher likelihood of having conversations with school personnel about college for middle school students who experienced a campus tour.  Given the importance of a campus tour and connections to campus personnel to ensure proper college match and fit, it is essential students explore as many campuses as possible.  The challenge is time and distance.  Virtual reality (VR) and artificial intelligence (AI) can address these challenges.


Education, Automation and the Workforce
State by State Impact

If we don’t act to change how we educate children and train adults, millions of vulnerable workers and their children could be stuck in a cycle of poverty. Dive into profiles of the potential effects on each SREB state.

Date and Time

Tuesday, July 30
2 to 2:30 pm Eastern


Meagan Crowe, Policy Analyst, SREB
Stephen Pruitt, President, SREB

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