GAA106P: Maximizing School Counselor Impact on Student Success: A Module for School Leaders


GAA106P: Maximizing School Counselor Impact on Student Success: A Module for School Leaders

This module, developed for school leaders such as superintendents, principals, and assistant principals, helps school leaders understand how to engage effectively with school counselors to take the steps needed to achieve school improvement goals. Participants learn about the school counselor’s role and the impact school counselors can have on student success; what a comprehensive school counseling program is and how to support one; and how to develop a shared vision for student success with school counseling staff. This course was developed in collaboration with the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP).

The term “college” is used throughout this course to refer to any postsecondary education or training at a Pell-eligible educational institution beyond the high school level, including those that offer apprenticeship programs, certificates, and associate and/or bachelor degree programs.

Session 1: The Impact of School Counselors on Student Achievement

In this session, participants learn about the impact school counselors can have on student success. In addition, participants explore strategies for how school leaders and school counselors can partner effectively to achieve school goals, as well as how school results reports can be used to track the impact of counselor activities on student outcomes.

Session 2: Understanding the Role of the School Counselor

In this session, participants learn about the American School Counselor Association framework for school counseling programs, as well as which activities are the most effective use of school counselors’ time.

Session 3: Setting Expectations for a Comprehensive School Counseling Program in Your School

In this session, participants learn about comprehensive school counseling programs that address the academic, career and social needs of all students, as well as how these programs support a school’s goals. Participants discuss potential barriers that might prevent a school counselor from implementing a comprehensive school counseling program, as well as how administrators can help counselors overcome those barriers. Participants also learn how to use an annual agreement that aligns school counseling goals with school improvement goals.

Session 4: Strengthening the School Counselor-Principal Relationship

In this session, administrators learn about the school counselor’s ethical, legal and professional responsibilities and how to establish a more collaborative and cohesive working alliance with school counselors. Participants also self-assess their effectiveness in working with the school counselor and identify how to strengthen the professional relationship. This module also covers the school counselor’s role on a school’s leadership team.