Making the Case

General information

How to get funders, legislators, community-based organizations and partner agencies to support your campaign.

Here are some research reports, statistics, and other resources that can help you make the case for college access marketing to funders, legislators, community-based organizations, and partner agencies.

All Students Prepared for College and Work
This report confirms the results and benefits of a rigorous core preparatory curriculum for all students, whether they plan to go on to college or to work after high school.

Economic and Social Returns of Postsecondary Education
This report outlines the Economic and Social Returns of Baccalaureate, Graduate, and Professional Degrees.

Education and the Common Good
This report attempts to show what a state can expect for the investment it makes in the education of its citizens.

Education Pays: The Benefits of Higher Education for Individuals and Society
This report presents detailed evidence of both the private and public benefits of higher education. It also sheds light on the distribution of these benefits by examining both the progress and the persistent disparities in participation in postsecondary education.

The Investment Payoff
This report uses six indicators to examine the benefits of higher education for all 50 states, including: personal income, unemployment rates, receipt of public assistance, health status, volunteerism and voting participation.

The Well Being of Nations
This report describes the latest evidence of investing in human and social capital and what it means for economic growth and sustainable development.