Job Opening

The quality of education in the South has a tremendous effect on the economic future of the country, and the Southern Regional Education Board provides practical, independent information and evidence-based tools to inform education policy decision-making that can have a positive impact across the region. The next president of SREB will work with members of the Board and the Legislative Advisory Council to ensure that the mission and goals of SREB are advanced effectively. This may include the opportunity to cooperatively identify ways service to SREB states can be refined, strengthened and broadened. SREB seeks a leader with a bold vision to carry its proud legacy forward to meet new challenges, a strong record of managing people and resources effectively to drive mission, and the relationship savvy to broaden the organization’s base of support and amplify its crucial voice.

The ideal candidate will be a seasoned executive-level leader with experience working alongside policymakers and leaders in education to collaboratively set the vision and agenda for the future. S/he will bring a depth of understanding of and engagement with the continuum of education from pre-kindergarten to graduate education and will have the managerial skill to operationally lead an organization of similar size and complexity. S/he will also be a natural ambassador and connector and will bring an exceptional and nuanced understanding of the challenges policymakers, institutions and other stakeholders face and of how to build trusting, mutually productive relationships with them. S/he will bring a coherent, tested set of management principles and practices and a demonstrated record of building team cultures that reflect values of transparency, inclusion and trust as well as excellence and efficiency.

This search is being conducted by Nonprofit Professionals Advisory Group. Please find complete information and application instructions in the attached file.