Grants to Schools Adopting Advanced Career STEM Pathway Academy Curricula


The Southern Regional Education Board is excited to announce it will offer grants to the first 50 schools in High Schools That Work states that adopt a new Advanced Career program. These grants of $5,000 will help support schools in securing some of the equipment or professional development to implement their new AC program.

Submitting a completed Memorandum of Understanding secures your grant for school year 2018-19. The MOU is the agreement where you will indicate the curriculum you desire to adopt.

Implementation with fidelity is crucial for the success of all AC programs. The success of the program begins with selecting the right teacher and then sending her/him to the 10-day Summer Teacher Training Institute. At these institutes, teachers discover how AC engages students in real-world projects that require blending academic, soft and technical skills.

Allowing AC teachers to collaborate with literacy, math and science teachers is essential to ensure AC students can make the necessary connections when they apply academic lessons to their technical projects.

To qualify for these equipment grants, schools must meet the following criteria: 

We look forward to working with schools to implement a new AC program for school year 2018-19. If you have any questions, please contact Zach Riffell, manager, Advanced Career marketing, at 850-572-1393.