Mississippi: Readiness endorsement for teaching certificates
State news about SREB Readiness Courses


In the summer of 2015, the Mississippi Department of Education trained more than 200 teachers — more than 60 in Literacy Ready and 160 in Math Ready. To support these teachers, Mississippi created an SREB Ready endorsement. The state affixes an SREB Literacy Ready or SREB Math Ready endorsement to the certifications of teachers who complete the initial training and the online follow-up training.

Mississippi is creating an atmosphere of teamwork among Readiness Course teachers through an electronic community. And the state is supporting implementation of the courses and maximizing the classes’ impact on students by providing continuous opportunities for teachers to learn from each other.

“The SREB Readiness Courses provide rigorous curricula that meet the demands of students by ensuring they develop essential skills needed to be successful in postsecondary course work.”
 — Jean Massey, associate state superintendent,
Mississippi Department of Education