On Racial Justice and Equity
A statement from the Southern Regional Education Board


The Southern Regional Education Board stands with black people and their allies around the South and across the nation in condemning racially motivated violence and racism in all its manifestations.

Ahmaud Arbery in south Georgia. Breonna Taylor in Louisville, Kentucky. George Floyd in Minneapolis. The most recent names on a long list of black lives that mattered. That still matter.

This moment must be the impetus for change.

Our belief in the power of education to change lives and build the foundation for a more equitable society is unshaken. SREB exists because education holds the promise of eliminating the entrenched poverty and inequity that was —  and is — the legacy of slavery. Our vision guides us: Each child and adult in the SREB region will have high-quality educational opportunities that build on the rich diversity of the region and lead to productive, meaningful lives and robust economies.

We are still far from realizing that vision. SREB will redouble its commitment to accelerate change and elevate equity in all decisions about education. Our higher education institutions, school systems and state leaders can and should play a deliberate role in eliminating fear, injustice and uneven outcomes in the classroom. Because each and every person, and especially all people of color, deserve the opportunity for economic mobility and the chance to pursue their dream.