Third Annual PA-SARA Workshop
How Should Distance Education Look on Your Campus?


On November 6, 2018, the Pennsylvania Department of Education hosted 38 postsecondary institutions at its third annual SARA workshop on the campus of Pennsylvania State University. PA-SARA extended its invitation to fellow SREB postsecondary institutions and educators from The University of Alabama at Birmingham traveled long-distance to participate in the workshop.

As Marshall Hill, NC-SARA Executive Director, often states, “The easy stuff is over.” This sentiment was echoed at this year’s workshop as the guests were presented with functional examples of distance education in practice. Mercyhurst University showcased the accomplishment of implementing a centralized, yet campus-wide, distance education program. Penn State was one of almost 300 institutions that voluntarily reported supervised field placement data this year and demonstrated their collection processes for gathering this data. Supervised field placements were voluntarily reported this year but will be required reporting by SARA institutions in 2019, which made the sharing of Penn State’s practices very helpful to other Pennsylvania institutions.