Membership Information and Member Institutions



Regionally accredited colleges and universities — offering programs in nursing in any of the 16 SREB states that comprise the Southern Regional Education Board compact and the District of Columbia — are eligible for membership. Each participating institution must have at least two representatives: the chief administrative officer for the nursing program and another nurse educator to be appointed by the chief administrative officer for the nursing program.


Representatives elect a president, vice president and five officers at large — who have general supervision of the affairs of the council — and a five-member nominating committee. 


The Council’s Finance Committee recommends membership fees to the Board of Directors for member institutions. The fee for the fiscal year July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2020 is $989. 



The council meets annually in Atlanta. Representatives of the participating institutions approve council policies and plans for regional activities. In addition, the council may sponsor selected conferences and workshops that address relevant issues and concerns of nurse educators. 


Standing committees — appointed by the officers — include Bylaws, Finance, Government Relations, Membership, Program, Research and Workforce Diversity.