Our Work


Our Work

Find out more about the different projects and initiatives we work on each day.

SREB’s educator effectiveness team partners with state and district leaders to accelerate the professional growth of teachers and administrators, covering a variety of topics, such as evaluation, preparation, recruitment and retention. Our team’s scope of work:
  • Policy Leadership: We inform state policy development through analysis of research and state trends.
  • Implementation Support: We evaluate implementation strategies through educator focus groups, needs assessments and system monitoring.
  • Regional Catalyst: We foster regional, professional communities to address policy and implementation challenges and spotlight successes.


Our team can serve you as advisors and thought partners.

  • We can conduct educator focus groups to help you assess and plan for the implementation of state and district systems.
  • We can conduct analysis of your state and local implementation through needs assessments and monitoring.

Our team can include you in a professional community.

  • We convene state leaders at regional meetings twice a year.
  • We can facilitate meetings and workshops in your state.
  • We can participate in your state’s strategy development as an outside thought partner.
  • We can connect you with people and resources to help you succeed.

Our team can provide you with on-demand analysis and information.

  • We can answer your policy and implementation questions with customized briefings that synthesize the latest research and include relevant trends and examples.
  • We produce reports and briefs on a variety of educator effectiveness issues that are relevant to your work.
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Transforming Adult School Culture Convening

Educator effectiveness initiatives and adult culture within schools are intertwined. Our recent “Transforming Adult School Culture” convening gathered together more than 50 education professionals from eight states.

Share Your Vision

Share Your Vision

We believe a shared vision for educator evaluation is important. So, we asked attendees at our third annual convening to tell us their vision. This is what they said.