The Academic Common Market Electronic Campus Program
In-state tuition and online programs


This innovative SREB program combines the tuition benefits of the Academic Common Market with the distance learning capacity of the Electronic Campus. This initiative makes selected programs available at in-state tuition and through distance learning.

Residents of 15 SREB states may participate in the SREB Academic Common Market Electronic Campus program. States and students alike enjoy significant savings. States do not have to provide costly, specialized programs that are available to their residents through initiative, and students who enroll in other states’ programs do not have to pay the higher out-of-state tuition rates.

Academic Common Market Electronic Campus waivers of out-of-state tuition are available only if certain conditions are met:

  • No public college or university in the student’s home state (state of residence) offers a degree program in his or her chosen field of study.
  • The program is available in another SREB state that participates in the ACM/EC.
  • The program is available through distance learning.
  • The student meets admissions requirements of the college or university that offers the program.
  • The student is certified as a resident of his or her home state.

View online programs available to residents in your state.

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The number of programs constantly changes. Participating states select eligible programs to offer students in other states, and they determine which programs they will make available for their own residents. All programs have been reviewed for inclusion in the Electronic Campus. They must meet the Principles of Good Practice and SREB and state standards for quality.

Any student interested in enrolling in a program through the Academic Common Market Electronic Campus needs to complete a residency form available from their state’s ACM coordinator. The student also needs to apply to the college or university that offers the program. To be eligible for a waiver of out-of-state tuition rates, every participating student must be certified by the ACM state coordinator in his or her home state and be admitted to the university and to the selected academic program.