2018 Summer Teacher Training: Pre-AC Middle Grades STEM Curriculum
Marshall University, July 23–27, 2018


Pre-Advanced Career (Pre-AC) Middle Grades STEM teachers are required to participate in a one-week Summer Teacher Training for each Pre-AC Middle Grades STEM course they will teach at their school.

Course 1 Training

  • Marshall University, Huntington, West Virginia
  • July 23–27, 2018

Pre-AC Middle Grades STEM Teacher Training prepares teachers to:

  • Use a project-based, student-centered approach to teaching.
  • Use the required technology and software to complete student projects and assignments.
  • Develop skills for using formative and summative assessments to improve instructional methodology and student learning.

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For more information, contact Zachary Riffell at zachary.riffell@sreb.org.