Alan Marnett
Founder and CEO, BenchFly

Alan Marnett, CEO, Benchfly

Alan Marnett, Founder and CEO of BenchFly, is an action-oriented problem solver with over 25 years experience as a Ph.D. scientist and business owner. He believes that innovation originates at the intersection of science, education and technology.

BenchFly was founded in 2009 out of Marnett’s frustration as a chemist in finding access to expert instruction. Streaming video — relatively new at the time — had the potential to democratize access to insider knowledge by enabling scientists to share video techniques with each other directly, fundamentally changing the way scientists around the world were trained.

As researchers and labs continued collaborating via the platform, BenchFly expanded its platform to help current scientists train the next generation of scientists — high school students. To that end, Marnett and his colleagues worked with teachers, students and the National Science Foundation to redesign and expand the platform to support student-to-expert collaborations.

BenchFly now facilitates collaborate between students and experts across unlimited career fields, not just science. The personalized feedback students get though video and data analytics makes classroom experiences more real and helps students see how their education relates to the real world.