Aligning Careers and Education Webinar Series
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As the adoption of automation accelerates, it is more important than ever to prepare students for good careers available in their local economies. Through strategic industry-education partnerships, states can ensure that more students are prepared for in-demand jobs and more employers can meet their workforce needs. Strategic industry partnerships can also introduce students to careers through quality work-based learning experiences.

In this series of three webinars, SREB offered ideas to implement the recommendations of the SREB commission report Partnerships to Align Education and Careers, with examples of successful partnerships, policies and tools in states across the nation. 


Webinar 1: 
Industry-Education Partnerships for Local Workforce Needs

Process: How to Forge Partnerships
Webinar 2: 
Opening Doors Through Work-Based Learning

Policies: Adopting Measures to Support Work-Based Learning

Webinar 3:
Expanding Work-Based Learning Experiences

Tools and Mechanisms: Reach More Students Using Technology

Recorded November 16 – December 10, 2020