Awards Nominations
2018 HSTW Staff Development Conference


HSTW, TCTW and MMGW Criteria and Nomination Process

At the 32nd Annual HSTW Staff Development Conference, SREB will recognize outstanding high schools, technology centers and middle grades schools that have implemented SREB’s Key Practices with fidelity and are achieving success in meeting bold goals related to graduation, readiness and credential attainment. All nominations must be received by March 15, 2018.

SREB’s evidence-based school improvement framework is grounded in the belief that when states, districts and schools create personalized, meaningful learning experiences and encourage students to succeed, students will make the effort needed to master complex academic and technical concepts. Further, schools that shift their school classroom practices by adopting our Key Practices can increase the percentage of students who graduate ready for college and careers to 80 percent or more.

To be recognized as an outstanding HSTW, TCTW or MMGW site, schools must:

  • Be an active member of the HSTW, TCTW or MMGW network for two consecutive years.
  • Administer the HSTW, TCTW or MMGW student and teacher surveys.
  • Provide evidence of implementing with fidelity one of the Key Practices. Click here to review HSTW and TCTW Key Practices. Click here to review MMGW Key Practices.
  • Provide evidence of student achievement.
  • Participant in the staff development conference and present a session aligned to the Key Practice for which the school is being recognized.

Please email nomination forms to Jasmine Jones.  

HSTW and TCTW Nomination Form


MMGW Nomination Form