Breakout A: Three Things You Can Do to Build a College-Going Community
Speaker - Michelle Sarumova, Arizona Commission for Postsecondary Education


Friday, April 20 – 8:30 a.m.

The Arizona Commission for Postsecondary Education (ACPE) is seeking support to build a 3point “student momentum chain” from high school into college, with a goal of building a self-sustaining college-going community for each participating high school or district.1 The ACPE College and Career Goal Arizona (C²GA) Campaigns aim to accomplish this by bringing Title 1 high schools, postsecondary institutions, and their communities together to support low-income high school students and their families in applying and gaining financing for their chosen postsecondary education opportunities. Partners include postsecondary institutions across the state, the Helios Knowing and Going Initiative, the Arizona Association of Financial Aid Administrators, and the Arizona School Counselors Association.

The goals of C²GA are:

  • every senior completes at least one postsecondary education application,
  • every eligible senior files, on time, a Free Application for Federal Student Aid, and
  • all Arizona high schools set an expectation and provide support for every senior and their family to take the steps to participate in a postsecondary education experience, creating a college-going community.

The Commission leads Arizona’s College Application Campaign and College Goal FAF$A events for the state. This presentation will cover the current data and growth of C2GA along with state and national goals.  Tied into the presentation is a discussion focusing on the economic impact that the campaigns serve and the educational equity effect produced by the campaigns. The presenter will highlight the three C2GA programs and how schools can increase their college-going community using this model.