Counseling for Careers and College
Awakening Students to Their Full Potential


When careers are the focus of school counseling, students connect postsecondary education with achieving their goals. SREB’s Counseling for Careers and College (C4CC) program shows counselors and teachers how to create curricula and experiences that awaken students to their potential.

As an essential component of SREB’s school improvement frameworksHSTW, MMGW, TCTW and AC STEM Pathway Academies, C4CC helps schools meet the goal of preparing 80 percent or more of students to graduate college-ready, career-ready or both.

With C4CC, counselors and teachers collaborate with students and parents to develop personalized plans of study leading from high school to postsecondary education that reflect their evolving career goals.

Why Schools Need C4CC

Young people have unlimited potential for educational and career success but may not be aware of their interests and aptitudes or understand the many career options available to them. Low-income and geographically isolated students may lack opportunities to learn about and explore exciting careers in high-demand fields.

C4CC offers an organized program of high-quality academic and career counseling and structured learning experiences that helps students and parents envision a successful future and develop a personalized plan for achieving it. With its strong focus on parent, community and employer partnerships, C4CC connects real-world career opportunities with academic, technical and workplace knowledge and personal skills. C4CC also helps students stay on track with the courses they need to achieve their goals.

Transforming Counseling with C4CC

C4CC workshops, materials and coaching support districts and schools in creating counselor-led teacher advisement systems in which counselors and teachers co-plan assignments and hands-on learning experiences that encourage students to identify their interests, aptitudes and goals and explore potential careers.

With C4CC, starting in eighth grade, students and parents meet with counselors and teachers to make, review and revise truly personalized career pathway programs of study that organize course work around students’ career goals. Teachers work with the same cohort of advisees from year to year, strengthening students’ sense of their school family. Students also receive help finding resources for college.

C4CC works with middle grades schools and high schools to:

  • Expand relationships with community and employer partners
  • Develop career exploratory courses or modules
  • Plan field trips, career fairs, job shadows and internships
  • Offer aptitude and interest inventories
  • Keep parents, students and teachers informed of career opportunities and financial support for postsecondary education

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