Curriculum and School Improvement


Model District: Gwinnett County

Gwinnett County Public Schools in suburban Atlanta is working with SREB to implement full-scale reform strategies across the district to get students ready for college and careers:

  • Career academies that guide students through a rigorous academic core with advanced CTE courses 
  • Literacy Design and Math Design training and coaching
  • Training and coaching for principals and other school leaders
  • Support for career counseling

Advanced Career

A new approach to career and technical education that combines college-readiness academics with hands-on, project-based assignments focused on modern careers. Advanced Career helps prepare students for as many options as possible after high school: a high-value job, college, community college or technical school. 

Georgia participation in AC programs, 2017-18:

  • Clean Energy Technology:1 school
  • Energy and Power: 1 school
  • Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management: 3 schools
  • Innovations in Science and Technology: 3 schools
  • Integrated Production Technologies: 1 school
  • Teachers trained: 7 >

Readiness Courses:
Math Ready and Literacy Ready

Courses specifically designed to help underprepared students succeed in the next phase of their education. 

Ready for college

Courses to teach young adults the reading, writing and math skills they must have to succeed in college. They are taught in an engaging way that leads students to learn and think independently, read for information and solve problems.

Over 150 Georgia teachers have been trained in Math Ready, and over 100 high schools are implementing the course in 2017-18.

Ready for high school

New courses for the transition from middle grades to high school. Underprepared students take the classes in eighth or ninth grade.

Teachers from Georgia participated in developing, field testing and reviewing the new courses. >

High Schools That Work

The nation’s largest school improvement program. HSTW strategies transform high schools into places where all students master complex academic and technical concepts. More than 1,150 schools in 30 states use the framework and its six design features and nine key practices to raise student achievement and graduation rates.

HSTW State Network

Member states select schools to receive services. The fee for state membership in the consortium covers several services and visits.

Georgia is a member of the High Schools That Work state network. In 2016-17, 22 Georgia schools were active.

HSTW Board Member: Barbara Wall, Director of Career, Technical and Agricultural Education, Georgia Department of Education  

HSTW State Coordinator: John Pritchett, Career, Technical and Agricultural Education Curriculum Coordinator, Georgia Department of Education  

Contracts for Direct Support

Schools, districts and states contract with SREB for targeted school improvement services such as on-site coaching, technical assistance and professional development. 

Eighteen Georgia schools contracted for direct services in 2016-17.  SREB delivered 132 days of on-site coaching and 32 days of on-site staff development at the schools. 

In addition, SREB is working with Gwinnett County Schools to develop career academies in several high schools.


Camden County High School in Kingsland and Meadowcreek High School in Gwinnett County won Outstanding High Schools That Work Site awards in July 2017. Meadowcreek Principal Tommy Welch was honored as Outstanding High Schools That Work Administrator. >

Making Middle Grades Work

Engages state, district and school leaders in partnerships with teachers, students, parents and the community to raise student achievement in the middle grades. In addition to workshops and school visits, SREB links schools to the professional development resources they need. The network includes over 650 schools in 20 states.

Georgia is a member of the Making Middle Grades Work network with eight active schools. In 2016-17, SREB conducted eight days of project-based learning professional development at St. Marys Middle School.

In 2013, St. Marys Middle School in Camden County collaborated with SREB’s MMGW program to make a systematic schoolwide change and move to a STEM-focused school with the goal of achieving recognition as a certified Georgia STEM middle school.


St. Marys Middle School won an Outstanding Making Middle Grades Work Site award in July 2017. >

Counseling for Careers

Awakens students to career goals and connects them to the high school and postsecondary programs of study to succeed in them. SREB offers workshops, materials and coaching for districts, schools and technology centers, which then involve teachers, counselors, administrators, parents and community partners.

In Georgia, 54 districts participate through regional and district-level professional development and coaching, through a partnership among SREB, the Georgia Department of Education, the Georgia Department of Economic Development and the Georgia Department of Vocational Rehabilitation.