Curriculum and School Improvement


Advanced Career

A new approach to career and technical education that combines college-readiness academics with hands-on, project-based assignments focused on modern careers. Advanced Career helps prepare students for as many options as possible after high school: a high-value job, college, community college or technical school. 

Mississippi participation in AC programs, 2017-18:

Energy and Power: 1 school

Health Informatics: 1 school

Teachers trained: 2 >

Readiness Courses:
Math Ready and Literacy Ready

Courses specifically designed to help underprepared students succeed in the next phase of their education. 

Ready for college

Courses to teach young adults the reading, writing and math skills they must have to succeed in college. They are taught in an engaging way that leads students to learn and think independently, read for information and solve problems.

Mississippi trained over 150 teachers in SREB’s Readiness Courses in 2017. Over 80 high schools have implemented Literacy Ready and Math Ready to date.

The Mississippi Department of Education created an endorsement to the certificate of teachers who complete training for the courses. 

President’s Trailblazer Award
Marla Davis and Jean Massey of the Mississippi Department of Education were honored in July 2017 for the state’s adoption of the courses. 

Outstanding Literacy Ready Teacher
Mary Zluticky of Horn Lake High School won a July 2017 award for her work with the courses. “Students who look Literacy Ready learned to work harder,” she said.

Outstanding Math Ready Teacher
Devina Williamson of Purvis High School in the Lamar County School District was honored by SREB in July 2016. In addition to teaching the course, she supported others with online follow-up and is becoming an SREB Ready Master Trainer.

SREB compared ACT scores of about 550 students in Mississippi and Arkansas to their scores before they took the courses. At Horn Lake High School in Mississippi, seven of the 12 Literacy Ready students improved their ACT English scores, and eight of the 12 improved their reading, science and composite scores. The typical increase was more than 3 points in English and reading, more than 4 points in science, and more than 2 points on the composite score. 

Ready for high school

New courses for the transition from middle grades to high school. Underprepared students take the classes in eighth or ninth grade.

Over 50 teachers were trained in the Ready for High School courses in literacy and math in 2017 with selected high schools piloting the courses in the 2017-18 school year. >

High Schools That Work

The nation’s largest school improvement program. HSTW strategies transform high schools into places where all students master complex academic and technical concepts. More than 1,150 schools in 30 states use the framework, its six design features and nine key practices, to raise student achievement and graduation rates.

HSTW State Network

Member states select schools to receive services. The fee for state membership in the consortium covers several services and visits.

Mississippi is a member of the High Schools That Work state network, with 14 schools active in 2016-17.

HSTW Board Member: Jean Massey, Associate Superintendent, Vocational Education and Workforce Development, Mississippi Department of Education

Contracts for Direct Support

Schools, districts and states contract with SREB for targeted school improvement services such as on-site coaching, technical assistance and professional development. 

Eleven Mississippi schools contracted for direct services in 2016-17. SREB delivered 48 days of on-site coaching and 10 days of on-site staff development at the schools. >

Making Middle Grades Work

Engages state, district and school leaders in partnerships with teachers, students, parents and the community to raise student achievement in the middle grades. In addition to workshops and school visits, SREB links schools to the professional development resources they need. The network includes over 650 schools in 20 states.

Mississippi is a member of the Making Middle Grades Work network, with three active schools in 2016-17. >