Curriculum and School Improvement


Advanced Career

A new approach to career and technical education that combines college-readiness academics with hands-on, project-based assignments focused on modern careers. Advanced Career helps prepare students for as many options as possible after high school: a high-value job, college, community college or technical school. 

North Carolina participation in AC programs, 2016-17:

Aerospace Engineering: 2 schools

Clean Energy Technology: 2 schools

Health Informatics: 1 school

Teachers trained: 3 >

Readiness Courses:
Math Ready and Literacy Ready

Courses specifically designed to help underprepared students succeed in the next phase of education. 

Ready for college

Courses to teach young adults the reading, writing and math skills they must have to succeed in college. Taught in an engaging way that leads students to learn and think independently, read for information and solve problems.

More than 250 North Carolina high schools have implemented Math Ready. In 2015-16, 45 North Carolina teachers participated in training for the Math Ready course, and a similar number will attend Math Ready training in summer 2017.

Math Leader

North Carolina has been a leader in implementing Math Ready. SREB worked with North Carolina to develop Essentials of College Mathematics, aligned to the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction standards. Essentials for College Math was adopted as a fourth-year math course and qualifies for University of North Carolina admission. Students who complete the course and meet GPA measures are not required to take remedial math when they enroll at a North Carolina community college.

Pre- and post-test data from schools that offer Essentials for College Math show that students gained one placement level in preparedness for college mathematics.

In July 2016, SREB honored two North Carolina educators:

President’s Readiness Trailblazer Award
Jennifer Curtis, North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, oversaw implementation of Math Ready in over 300 North Carolina high schools in just two years. 

Outstanding Math Ready Teacher
Jeff McCulloch of Eugene Ashley High School
in New Hanover County Schools has taught Math Ready since it was piloted and mentored other Math Ready teachers.

Ready for high school

New courses for the transition from middle grades to high school. Underprepared students take the classes in eighth or ninth grade.

During 2015-16, 40 North Carolina teachers attended training for the Ready for High School Math course. North Carolina is one of 10 states that have participated in developing, field testing, training or piloting Ready for High School Literacy or Ready for High School Math >

Counseling for Careers

Awakens students to career goals and connects them to the high school and postsecondary programs of study to succeed in them. SREB offers workshops, materials and coaching for districts, schools and technology centers, which then involve teachers, counselors, administrators, parents and community partners.

SREB is assisting two North Carolina districts with Counseling for Careers.