Customizing College and Career Readiness Content for Developing Leaders
Juterh Nmah, Louisiana Office of Student Financial Assistance

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Friday, April 26

In this session, attendees learned how Go Alliance Academy modules were used to develop and enhance student engagement in leadership roles to foster a college-going culture on their campuses. Session objectives included the following:

  1. Learn how to tailor career and college readiness counselor course content to high school college access student ambassadors.
  2. Showcase student leadership experiences and the mobilization of college access initiatives.
  3. Learn how high school student leaders can identify and support human capital to engage their peers for their personalized post-secondary journeys.
  4. Use data to reflect admissions application completion, FAFSA completion, and implementation of college access initiatives in Trailblazer serviced-schools vs non-Trailblazer serviced-schools.