Focus Groups and Surveys for Teachers and Principals


We use feedback from educators themselves to help states and districts continually improve.

Gathering and analyzing data from focus groups and surveys on educator issues is a service SREB provides to member states upon request. The service can help inform root cause analyses of specific challenges a state is facing, or provide capacity to monitor implementation of new policies and initiatives. The team works with a state project lead to tailor questions and set the parameters for sampling methods to meet state needs.

In 2015, the educator effectiveness team gathered feedback on teacher evaluation systems from a total of 321 educators from 115 districts and four states through focus groups.

Beyond data collection, focus group sessions provide educators with an opportunity to hear from one another and connect through their shared experiences. They have the chance to express themselves openly with the reassurance that their voices will be heard by leaders in their state.

Since 2014, the educator effectiveness team has conducted focus groups with teachers and principals in Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Kentucky and Oklahoma.